Effective Fall 2009-10 no record is made of individual course withdrawals during the 100% refund period for each course.  W grades will appear on the student record for any courses dropped after the 100% refund period. This grade will appear on the student’s grade report and transcript, but will not be counted in hours attempted or the GPA calculation.  Students cannot withdraw from any course after 75% of that course has taken place.  This date is calculated based on the published beginning and ending date for the course.

A student who needs to withdraw from a course after 75 percent of the course has taken place needs written approval of the course instructor, program director and dean for the withdrawal. Such permission will be granted only for serious reasons. Students are normally expected to continue class attendance until all required signatures for the withdrawal are attained and the withdraw has officially been processed. No withdrawal may be made after the final class or examination.

Withdrawals are processed on an Advising and Registration/Change of Registration form available in the office of the dean. Upon completing the form and obtaining approval, it must be processed by the Office of the Registrar in order for the drop to be officially changed in your records.