Virtual classes, the Detroit Mercy way

Banner of students taking classes online using virtual resources.

Whether you take courses face-to-face or online, Detroit Mercy is committed to our mission of providing excellent, student-centered education that seeks to integrate students’ intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development. In the Ignatian and Mercy traditions, faculty and students are partners in learning, dedicated to the formation of the whole person as men and women for and with others.

A Tradition of High-Quality Online Education

When we pivot to virtual instruction, the transition is virtually seamless due to Detroit Mercy’s long history of offering classes online. Many classes – indeed several programs themselves – have been offered in this way for years. Students in online courses should expect the same challenging curricula in our nationally recognized programming, and faculty will expect you to rise to that challenge.  

Flexible Hybrid Plan for Classes

In addition to offering a number of classes online, the University has adopted a flexible hybrid model of instruction for the fall semester. 

The defining characteristic of flexible hybrid courses is that students have the option to attend face-to-face sessions or participate in instructional activities online. To give our students flexibility and choice, almost all classes with face-to-face instruction have cross-listed sections that are 100% online.

To prepare for increased online class offerings and successful adoption of this model, the University provided substantially expanded pedagogical and technical support to all who teach. 

The Instructional Design Studio (IDS) is here to help faculty and students, and support services across campus are available in person or online.

Our Commitment to Students

Our faculty is committed to building relationships with individual students and facilitating the community for which you chose Detroit Mercy. Whether face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid, a Detroit Mercy education is student-centered and driven by the Mercy and Jesuit values of our founding organizations.

Personalized instruction and accessibility to your professor

Our class sizes have always set us apart and have not be increased to accommodate more online students.

Faculty members in face-to-face and online classes schedule one-on-one meetings to review student progress, discuss drafts of essays or help plan projects. Rather than having office hours only at certain times each week, professors are available to help during a broader range of time. Reaching out is easy; all it takes is a few clicks.


Our technology allows students to interact with classmates, comment on their posts and receive comments in turn. Students will still be able to meet virtually to collaborate on projects and discuss issues as they would in class. Faculty attention to this detail means you will still get to know your classmates.

Personal touch

Some professors give students guided tours of their homes, introduce them to their pets who will be dropping in unannounced to classes every now and then and, in general, build the one-on-one relationships that lead to student success.

Tech support

Detroit Mercy’s IDS staff is always willing to help if you have technology issues with our virtual learning platforms. Find tips and advice online 24/7. Students may also contact IDS online, by calling 313-578-0580 or emailing