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Betsey Konieczki

Contact Betsey at & 313-993-1245.

Prior to my professional experience at UDM, I worked as a Treatment Leader in a residential facility for youth in Detroit. I have experience counseling people of all ages and I do my best to be resourceful and effective. I graduated from UDM in 2011 with my Bachelor's degree in Social Work. Geographically, I am responsible for the Wayne County Community College District.

I absolutely loved my experience at UDM because the small classroom setting and friendly nature allowed me to truly engage in my educational journey, while forming valuable relationships with my professors and fellow students. I continue to love this university for these qualities. The two most important things that a new student should know about UDM is that the well rounded academic standards, paired with the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring an excellent college experience. In my opinion, UDM's most appealing quality is the opportunity for real-world experience through internships in a variety of fields. I am motivated by my passion for education and inspired by the drive that I see in students in order to advance themselves.