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Cost of Attendance

What is the price tag for all the great things you’ll get at Detroit Mercy? It’s a lot more reasonable than you may think. Select the Cost of Attendance page below based on your student type. Feel free to contact us at 313-993-3350 if you have any questions.

How much will you need?

Use this chart to help determine how much you will need.

  Detroit Mercy Costs    
1. Tuition - See Above $ _________________________________
2. Course Fees - See Schedule of Classes $ _________________________________
3. Campus Room and Board $ _________________________________
4. Subtotal Detroit Mercy Costs $ _________________________________
5. Finances    
6. Deposits and Payments Scheduled $ _________________________________
7. Scholarships and Grants $ _________________________________
8. Loans $ _________________________________
9. Subtotal Payments to Account $ _________________________________
  Net Owed to Detriot Mercy    
10. Subtract line 4 from line 9 $ _________________________________
  (If negative,  you won't   owe anything more)  
  Other Costs    
11. Books and Supplies $ _________________________________
12. Personal Expenses $ _________________________________
13. Room and Board if not on Campus $ _________________________________
14. Travel Expenses $ _________________________________
15. Subtotal Other Costs $ _________________________________
16. Remaining amount needed for academic year    
  (add lines 10 and 15)   $ _________________________________

Additional educational expenses to consider

Travel, Books and Supplies

  • Students living on campus may spend on average $348
  • Students commuting may spend on average $2142
  • We estimate that student could spend aprox. $880 in books and supplies each year
  • Tip: Renting books and shopping online for books are the most economical ways to secure books.

Personal & Miscellaneous Expenses

We estimate that students may spend aproximately $3306 for personal expenses during the academic year. This was calculated based on the monderate living expense budget for 2015-16 for the metro Detroit Area, provided by The College Board.

Loan Fees

Estimated loan fees for undergraduate students averaged $72 per academic year. Estimated loan fees for graduate students averaged $220 per academic year.

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