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Host an Event at Detroit Mercy

Step 1: Read the Policy

  • Download and read the Policy for Use of Detroit Mercy Facilities
  • The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines that apply to all departments, organizations, staff/group members, and community neighbors who wish to host an event on any property of University of Detroit Mercy.
  • Weddings: to request the use of the Detroit Mercy School of Law parking lot near the Ss. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church, see the School of Law Parking Lot Request Form.
  • High school graduations: The University is not able to host high school graduations.

Step 2: Complete the Event Request Form

  • Prior to submitting the form, you must read and agree to the Policy for Use of Detroit Mercy Facilities above.
  • Please note: This form creates a REQUEST only and, once submitted, your request is under consideration. Submitting this form does not automatically reserve the requested event date/space.
  • Reservations are honored on a first come, first serve basis and a 30-day lead time is required.
  • Access the event request form below.

Step 3: Expect University Services Response

  • University Services will internally process the Event Request and notify the Event Contact Person once the event has been scheduled.
  • If applicable, costs and additional considerations will be quoted and returned to the Event Contact Person.  Please be sure to look at our Costs and Considerations below during your event planning process.


For any questions about this process or event coordination at Detroit Mercy, please contact:

University Services
Phone: 313-993-1488

Event Related Forms




    Use of Facilities Fee

    The Use of Facilities Fee is intended to cover utility costs and wear-and-tear on the facilities. This Fee does not include any extra services or costs incurred as a result of the event. There is no charge to Detroit Mercy Departments for facility usage as long as the activity is University-related and within operational hours. Operational hours are defined as Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. for all buildings excluding the Student Center and Fitness Center. A Detroit Mercy Department requesting space for non-University related activities or space outside normal operational hours will be charged the Use of Facilities fee. Events are not to exceed 12 hours/day.

    Architecture Exhibition Space $75/hour
    Ballroom $75/hour
    Calihan Hall $125/hour
    Classroom $30/hour
    Conference/Meeting Room $25/hour
    Dining Area $50/hour
    Dorm Room $10/day
    Fitness Center By Estimate
    Fountain Lounge/Patio $50/hour
    Parking Lot $15/hour

    Audio Visual Services

    The below rates are internal rates; external rates will be estimated upon request.

    Netbook $25
    Notebook $25
    Projector $25
    Projection Screen- Large $50
    Projection Screen- Standard $25
    Regular Employee Support Staff $50/man hour
    Student Employee Support Staff $10/man hour

    Dining Services

    Catering: Food & Drink By Estimate
    Linens By Estimate
    Table/Chair Set-Up By Estimate
    Table Settings By Estimate
    Waitstaff By Estimate

    Facility Operations

    Support Staff By Estimate
    Environmental Control/Heating & Cooling By Estimate


    Trash Receptacles By Estimate
    Clean-Up Support Staff Before or After $23/man hour

    Marketing & Public Affairs

    Photographer By Estimate

    Media Services

    Media Services and Sound Systems Support Staff

    $50/hour and $75 set-up/strike fee

    Public Safety

    Public Safety Support Staff due to the below reasons:

    • Adjusting McNichols Gate Schedule
    • (M-R 7am-10pm, F 7am-7pm, Sat & Sun Closed)
    • Corktown- Saturday or Sunday event
    • Law School- Outside normal operating hours
    • Large event (including Student Organizations)
    $46/man hour
    (Minimum of 4 hrs)

    What to Expect

    University Services would like to ensure that you and your event audience have a pleasant experience while at Detroit Mercy. Listed below is what you can expect while on campus and from University Services.

    For those who have never been to University of Detroit Mercy before:

    • Our McNichols Campus is located at 4001 W. McNichols Road, Detroit MI 48221. View campus map.
    • McNichols Campus has two gated entrances:
      • Entrance located on Livernois is closest to Fisher Administration Center, Engineering, Architecture, Student Center, and the Residence Halls
      • Entrance on McNichols Rd. is closest to Lansing-Reilly Hall, CHP, Briggs, Library, Commerce & Finance, and UDM’s athletic facilities
    • At each gated entrance, all event guests must provide Public Safety with identification, as well as what event they are attending and which venue it is taking place in. Public Safety can also provide a Campus Map.
    • Our School of Dentistry is located at 2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Detroit MI 48208. Visit siteView campus map.
    • Our Law School is located at 651 East Jefferson Avenue, Detroit MI 48226. Visit siteView campus map


    • The event space will be set up and clean when event guests arrive.
    • University Services will provide a positive and spacious venue for all events.
    • Food services may be provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or desserts upon request of event coordinator.
    • Housekeeping or audio/visual services are available upon request.
    • Opportunities for the University Bookstore to sell gifts or merchandise at event can be arranged.
    • University Services can request the attendance of Board Members, University President, faculty, or students.
    • University Services can arrange Public Safety Officers to be present.
    • Should a speaker or guest of an event require short term housing, the University has 4 rooms available in Lansing Riley. Keep in mind these living arrangements will be first come, first serve.

    What Will Not Provide:

    • Although University Services will provide and schedule venues, University Services cannot plan specific details of any event.
    • University Services cannot provide housing for event guests.
    • University of Detroit Mercy McNichols Campus is not able to host high school graduations.

    Additional Considerations

    While planning your event at Detroit Mercy, make sure to consider all the questions below to help make your event application simple and quick! (Many of these questions are asked on Detroit Mercy's event request form.)

    Once you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to fill out an event request form!

    • How big is your event? What kind of venue would best suit your event?
    • Who is your audience?
    • Will your event support the mission of University of Detroit Mercy?
    • Is your event a fundraiser?
    • Is your event a Greek Life event?
    • Does your event need food services, housekeeping, or audio visual services?
    • Does your event require internet services?
    • Does your event require special access?
    • Does your event have special electrical needs?
    • Does your event conflict with our lawn or snow removal service?
    • Does your event require the McNichols fountain to be turned on?
    • Does your event involve special deliveries to Mail Services?
    • Does your event require assistance in decoration/set-up?
    • Does your event require banners/signs to be hung?
    • Does your event conflict with a current construction schedule or project?
    • Does your event require special communication, such as email, webpage, mailing, etc.?
    • Does your event involve a Food Truck? See our policy int he accordion.
    • What vendors will be present? Do you have event set up instructions?
    • What kind of parking will your event need?
    • Is your event at the Ss. Peter & Paul Church and require the Law School parking lot?
    • Would your event benefit if the Bookstore was available?
    • Do you want your event publicized on the main Detroit Mercy marketing page?
    • Is the University President or other Executive Board members attendance requested?

    Food Truck Policy

    Due to Detroit Mercy's exclusive contract with Sodexo, any events involving a Food Truck on any of the three campuses, the below guidelines must be followed:
    • Request must be made through University Services
    • Event must be for Detroit Mercy students only.
    • Truck vendor must be fully funded by the University; retail sales of individual items to the customer are NOT allowed.
    • Truck vendors will not be allowed to provide service to any location during normal meal periods (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).
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