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Jesuit Community — Lansing-Reilly Hall

The Jesuit Community at University of Detroit Mercy


Lansing-Reilly Hall
4001 W. McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221-3038

The Jesuit Community at Detroit Mercy resides in Lansing-Reilly Hall on the McNichols Campus. The building is one of the oldest on campus, built in 1926 when the McNichols Campus opened.

Albright, S.J. picture

Rev. R. Gerard Albright, S.J.
Retired, Professor of Biology, College of Engineering & Science

Cavanagh picture

Gerald F. Cavanagh
*Charles T. Fisher III Chair of Business Ethics


Cooke, S.J. picture

Rev. Phil Cooke, S.J.
Director of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, College of Business Administration

Florek, S.J. picture

Rev. Tom Florek, S.J.
Hispanic/Latino Formation Development

Hipskind, S.J. picture

Rev. Tim Hipskind, S.J.
Director of Service Learning

Hittle, S.J. picture

Brother Dick Hittle, S.J.
Alcoholic Counselor, Certified

Hurd, S.J. picture

Rev. Steven Hurd, S.J.
Manresa Retreat Center

Kelly, S.J. picture

Justin J. Kelly, S.J.
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

McCabe, S.J. picture

Rev. Tim McCabe, S.J.
Director, Pope Francis Center, Ss. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church

Medina, S.J. picture

Fr. Joel Medina, S.J.
College of Health Professions and University Ministry

Munz, S.J. picture

Rev. Ted Munz, S.J.
President, University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy

Roche, S.J. picture

Rev. Fossouo Aubin Roche, S.J.
Graduate Student, Civil Engineering, Ph.D. program

Saliba, S.J. picture

Rev. John Saliba, S.J.
Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies

Scullin, SJ picture

Rev. Bob Scullin, SJ
Pastor, Gesu Church
Former Provincial, Detroit Province

Shen, S.J. picture

Raphael Shen, S.J.
Professor of Economics
*Department Chair

Staudenmaier, S.J. picture

Rev. John Staudenmaier, S.J.
Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity

Watson, S.J. picture

Rev. David Watson, S.J.
Minister/House Manager of the Jesuit Community

Wright, S.J. picture

Rev. Gary Wright, S.J.
Pastor, Sts. Peter & Paul Jesuit Church
Director, Faith in the D

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