Mission Leadership Awards

The Mission Effectiveness Team sponsors two awards:

  • The Vivere ex Missione Award, presented to up to four graduating students annually at their respective Commencement ceremony (McNichols undergraduate and graduate; School of Law; and School of Dentistry); and
  • The Agere ex Missione Award, presented at the President's Convocation to one faculty member and to one staff or administrator.

These awards, which began in 2009, honor students who live from the mission (Vivere ex Missione) and faculty, staff and administrators who work from the mission (Agere ex Missione). The awardees are selected from open source nominations. The awards are intended to call attention to exceptional persons who demonstrate competence at a high level of excellence while also witnessing to the University’s soul by the larger commitments evident in their lives. As such, the awards point to the University’s conviction that excellent achievement and deep commitment to the University’s soul must live together in every area of the University and every person — students, faculty, staff, administrators — who comes to Detroit Mercy to work toward their hopes and ideals.

All Faculty/Staff nominations must be completed no later than 11:59 p.m., Friday, May 31, 2019.

Nominations Guidelines


    Student Nomination Guidelines

    The Vivere ex Missione Award is an annual award presented to up to four graduating students who best exemplify the mission of University of Detroit Mercy in the spirit of the guiding values of the Mission Effectiveness Team. One qualified student will be selected from each of the following categories and the award will be presented at their respective Commencement Ceremony: McNichols Undergraduate programs; McNichols graduate programs; the School of Law; and the School of Dentistry.

    Agere ex Missione Award

    The Agere ex Missione Award is presented annually to two individuals: a faculty member and either a staff or administrator who exemplifies and lives the mission of University of Detroit Mercy.

    Award Eligability and Selection

    Nominees must have been part of the university community for at least one year and meet one or more of the guiding values inspired by Detroit Mercy’s Mercy and Jesuit traditions.  All Detroit Mercy employees are eligible, except those from University Ministry, the Office of Mission & Identity, the Institute for Leadership & Service and members of the Mission Effectiveness Team, whose mission-related activities are considered part of their responsibilities. Nominations will be evaluated by the Mission Effectiveness Team. The Agere ex Missione Awards will be presented at the President’s Convocation held in August.

Past Award Recipients


    Vivere ex Missione Awardees


    • Ayomide M. Okunlola, McNichols Undergraduate,  School of Architecture, Major: Architecture
    • Sravan Kopparthi, McNichols Graduate, College of Engineering & Science, Major: Software Engineering
    • Lori A. Mireles-Smith, School of Law, Juris Doctor Program
    • Karissa R. Burgos, School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery Program


    • Nara J. Gonczigsuren, McNichols Undergraduate, College of Engineering & Science, Major: Biology
    • Sarah F. Cornwell, McNichols Graduate, College of Health Professions, Physician Assistant Program
    • William Ma, School of Law, Juris Doctor Program
    • Tatum Miles, School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery Program


    • Paige Dykema, Major: Biology, College of Engineering & Science


    • Miranda Dufresne, Major: 5-Year Architecture, School of Architecture


    • Lakshima-Kamra Head-Hancock, Major: Religious Studies, College of Liberal Arts & Education


    • Chanel Pattah, Major: Biology, College of Engineering & Science


    • David Dumais, Major: 5-Year Physician Assistant Program, College of Health Professions


    • Patricia Walworth, Major: Biochemistry, College of Engineering & Science


    • Ervis Fama, Major: Biology & Psychology, College of Engineering & Science
    • Theresa Skora, Major: 5-Year Architecture,  School of Architecture

    Agere ex Missione Awardees


    • Rosemary Weatherston, Associate Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts & Education; Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program
    • Amy Keyzer, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Libraries/Instructional Design Studio


    • Carmen Stokes, Clinical Associate Professor, McAuley School of Nursing
    • Brigette Bedard Murphy-Barbee, Business Manager,School of Architecture


    • Gary Maveal, Professor, School of Law
    • Betty Jean Nelson, Head of Circulation, McNichols Library


    • David C. Koelsch, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Law
    • Sheroyn J. Jones, Dental Hygienist, School of Dentistry


    • Mirela Mesic, Graduate Recruiter and Coordinator, College of Engineering & Science


    • Gregory Ulferts, Professor of Business Administration, College of Business Administration
    • Margo Kempinski, Dental Hygienist, School of Dentistry


    • Mary-Catherine Harrison, Assistant Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts & Education
    • Chuck Hokett, Manager, Academic Computing & Audio Visual, Information Technology Services


    • Elizabeth Oljar, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts & Education
    • Yvonne King, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Health Professions


    • Eswara Prasad Venugopal, Associate Professor of Physics, College of Engineering & Science
    • Beverly Matlas, Assistant Treasurer and Budget Director, Budget and Financial Analysis


    • Gail Presbey, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of the James Guadalupe Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive, College of Liberal Arts & Education
    • Nancy Surma, OSF, Associate Vice President, Academic Services


    • Elizabeth Roberts-Kirchhoff, Associate Professor of Chemistry, College of Engineering & Science
    • Brad Kinsman, Director of Athletics, Athletics


    • Joanne Isbey, Associate Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts & Education
    • Gail Burnett, Secretary to the President, President’s Office


    • Michael Witkowski, Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice Studies, College of Liberal Arts & Education
    • Martina Kuechle, Senior Coordinator for Academic Affairs, College of Health Professions