Academic Computing Labs

The ITS department provides academic computing lab services to support the curriculum taught at the University. Faculty often reserve labs to provide hands-on experience for their students. 

Access to the computers is handled by user code and password.

All computers in all labs contain the exact same computing image and allow students who frequently use a specific lab for their course to utilize any other lab available.

When classes are not using the labs, current students with a valid ID may use the classes for academic-related work. In total there are over 117 computers available for usage.


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    The installation of software is prohibited by all users. Faculty may request the installation of courseware eight weeks in advance of the start of the semester. More information for faculty is detailed in the Courseware Installation and Removal Policy listed below.

    The following software is available in all Academic Computing Laboratories:

    Application Version
    Acrobat Reader X
    ActivePerl 5.28
    Alice 3
    Apple Software Update
    Application Verifier 32-bit 2011
    Application Verifier 64-bit 2011
    Calculator Windows 7
    Cerkuns Portal
    CHP Secure Browser 3.2
    Command Prompt Windows 7
    Connect to a Network Projector Windows 7
    Connect to a Projector Windows 7
    CutePDF 3.1
    Desktop Gadget Gallery Windows 7
    Ease of Access Windows 7
    Examplify 2.01
    Getting Started Windows 7
    GhostGum 5.0
    GhostScript 9.27
    Google Earth Pro
    Hesinet Evolve Site
    Inspiration 8
    Intel® Management and Security Windows 7
    JMOL 14.29
    LockDown Browser
    Maintenance Windows 7
    MASM 32-bit editor
    Math Input Panel Windows 7
    Microsoft Office 2016
    Microsoft Silverlight
    Microsoft Silverlight 3 SDK
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008
    Microsoft Sync Framework
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
    Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit
    Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1
    MikTex 2.9
    Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1
    NetBeans IDE 11.1
    Notepad Windows 7
    NVIVIO (only installed on two computers in Quad Commons)
    Oracle Database 11 g Express Edition
    Oracle VM VirtualBox (C&F 9 only)
    Paint Windows 7
    Parallax Inc.
    PSpice Student 9.1
    Python 3.7
    Remote Desktop Connection Windows 7
    Research Insight
    Roxio Creator DE
    Run Windows 7
    Siteplan 2
    Snipping Tool Windows 7
    Sound Recorder Windows 7
    SPSS 26
    Sticky Notes Windows 7
    Sync Center Windows 7
    System Tools Windows 7
    Tableau 10.2
    TabletPC Windows 7
    TeXnic Center 7.5
    West Point Bridge Design
    Windows DVD Maker Windows 7
    Windows Explorer Windows 7
    Windows Fax and Scan Windows 7
    Windows Media Center Windows 7
    Windows Media Player Windows 7
    Windows PowerShell Windows 7
    Wordpad Windows 7
    XPS Viewer Windows 7

    Role of the Lab Assistant

    All academic computing laboratories are staffed by lab assistants who have the responsibility for oversight and management of the lab.  The lab assistants are responsible for:

    • Validating user identification to ensure only valid users are using the computer
    • Addressing general questions of usability such as logging in, printing, and saving of documents
    • Labeling unusable equipment and reporting the outage to the Academic Computing Laboratory Manager
    • Opening and closing the lab
    • Verifying all equipment is operational
    • Maintaining a peaceful and quiet study environment
    • Reporting issues of safety directly to the Public Safety office
    • Directing students to other resources for assistance

    The lab assistants are not connected to any faculty or courses and therefore are unfamiliar with homework assignments and projects. The student employees are present to help and are instructed not to answer course-related questions. Course related questions should be directed to the instructor or teaching assistant.

    The lab assistants are not available for contract services during their work shift.

    The position of lab assistant can be a very rewarding role and one that ties closely into fulfilling the mission of the University. Lab assistants have the privilege of helping others in their educational pursuits. For more information on employment opportunities, please see the employment page.



    PaperCut, a pay-for-print solution, is designed to help students make environmentally friendly choices about printing and significantly reduce paper waste.  A 400 page per academic year allotment is provided for all students to support their course printing requirements. Additional pages may be purchased if needed.  Users will be asked to confirm their print requests by entering their Titan Pass credentials at the time of print. Once successfully entered, the print job will be sent to the printer. Printing instructions will be available in all Academic Computing Labs and the Lab Assistants will be available to address any questions.  

    Recommended Practices

    General Use

    The Academic Computing Laboratories are designed for academic purposes. Students may use the internet for research, group academic projects, typing papers, and accessing email accounts.

    Saving Documents

    When creating documents in the lab, students should become familiar with how to save documents on a USB Flash Drive or on a cloud hosted solution. It’s always much easier to save to the particular machine that a student is working on. However, in the Academic Computing Laboratory setting, students must remember that the machines are frequently reset and documents that may have been saved locally will no longer available. It is recommended all documents are saved on a personal USB Flash Drive or on a cloud hosted solution. It’s easier to try to think of these machines as the property of the University and not the student's very own personal PC.

    Don't forget two things when using a flash drive:

    • Remember to make a backup copy to a second flash drive or to a cloud hosted solution.
    • The student should label the flash drive with his/her name and other pertinent information.

    When creating those long documents, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.

    Priority for Academic Related Work

    As a courtesy to the educational pursuits of fellow classmates, please keep in mind that academically related tasks take precedence over non-academic usage. During peak usage times, it may be necessary to ask those students working on non-academic projects to defer to those students who need to work on academic projects. Students working on non-academically related tasks are most welcome to return to the labs during non-peak periods. Students working together in this manner help create and support the team spirit approach to the Detroit Mercy academic process.

    Limitations on Users

    The Academic Computing Laboratories are designed and intended for the use of currently enrolled Detroit Mercy students and Alumni. Spouses, children, parents, other family members and friends of currently enrolled Detroit Mercy students are not permitted to use these labs.


    Please feel free to contact the Academic Computing Laboratory Manager or the Associate Vice President for Information Technology with any additional recommendations.


    Lab Reservation Requests / Calendars

    After reading the Lab Reservation Policy, a faculty, staff, or administrator may request to reserve the lab by sending an email with a subject stating "LAB RESERVATION REQUEST."  Please make sure to include the date, time, and the number of students. Please do not consider the request confirmed until a confirmation email has been received.

    Summer/Fall 2019 Academic Computing Lab Calendars