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TitanConnect - Detroit Mercy's Portal

TitanConnect is Detroit Mercy’s portal providing a self‐service capability to all constituents of the University.

  • Current students use TitanConnect to register for classes, view class schedules, review and accept financial aid awards, make tuition payments, view final grades and request official transcripts.
  • Employees use TitanConnect to submit timecards, review paycheck and W2 information, submit purchase requisitions, review budgets, enter grades, view time-off balances and perform other job functions as assigned.
  • Alumni use TitanConnect to review academic history records.

To log in, navigate to


    First Time Logging In

    Navigate to and enter the user code and temporary password provided by the University. For most students, login credentials are provided in a letter from the Admissions office during the time of admission or from the Registrar's office for students transferring into Detroit Mercy.  If a student was just accepted to Detroit Mercy, it may take up to 24 hours for the account to be available for use. 

    After logging in the first time, each TitanConnect user is required to change his/her password.  For security purposes, passwords must be changed every 90 days.  In addition, two secret questions will need to be created for the purpose of password recoveries.  

    For a demonstration on logging on to TitanConnect, watch our TitanConnect Portal Introduction video.



    If unable to log in, use the Forgot Password? feature to regain access to your account.  If unable to answer the security questions, contact the Help Desk for assistance.  One of the following is needed for verification of identity:

    • A selfie including a government-issued photo ID and a paper stating today’s date may be emailed to
    • A government issued photo ID may be shown to the Help Desk staff on the second floor of the Fisher building on the McNichols campus. 
    • A government issued photo ID may be shown over a Skype video call with the Help Desk.  To contact the Help Desk, search the Skype Directory for

    Please Note: Passwords cannot be reset on behalf of another person.  


    Maintaining Active Status

    TitanConnect accounts expire after 365 days of inactivity.  To have an account reactivated, contact the Help Desk.  

Office 365 - Provides access to email

Office 365 is a cloud-based solution providing access to Detroit Mercy email, as well as Microsoft office applications and file storage and sharing tools.

To log in, visit and click on the Office 365 email link.

Please note: TitanConnect and Office 365 are separate systems.  The passwords will not be the same unless both accounts are configured as such.


    Learn more about Detroit Mercy's email solution

    Visit our email information page for additional information.

TitanNet - Provides network access to network space

TitanNet is used by employees and student employees across the University. TitanNet authenticates users to University computers and provides mapped drives for file storage.

To log in, enter TitanNet credentials at the initial login screen of a University computer.  

Please note: TitanConnect and TitanNet are separate systems.  The passwords will not be the same unless both accounts are configured as such.


    Employee Application Process

    Requests for all employee accounts (TitanConnect, Office 365, TitanNet, group accounts, etc.) are to be submitted using the Account ApplicationFERPA Agreement, and Acceptable Use and Security Policy forms.  All three forms are to be emailed to or faxed to (313) 993-3321.  Paper copies of forms along with the timestamp from the email or fax process are important elements in maintaining the proper paper trail necessary for security audits.

    If an employee will have access to or will generate student records (i.e. grades, financial aid, transcripts), the supervisor is responsible for training the employee in terms of the FERPA agreement

    The Account Application form may also be used to convey changes in account access, as well as suspension or deletion of an account. For such changes, only a supervisor signature is required.

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