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    Graphic Design Services Reminder

    When consulting with MarCom for graphic design services, please note the following:

    Logos, Sub-identities, Graphic Identities

    1. When requesting assistance with logo design, please consider that a logo is not just a visual element. It is your brand and thus must be treated as a brand. Consider the impact on audiences when they see your brand identity and the impact it has on staff. What does the brand mean to them? In this way, a brand identity is connected to the culture you wish to establish.
    2. MarCom is able to provide three (3) versions of a new logo/brand identity. If you wish to consult with MarCom ahead of time regarding strategy and development, please let us know, we are happy to help! But think ahead of time of how you want this brand to make your audience feel about your product, service, event or opportunity.
    3. All brand identity elements will adhere to the University Identity Brand Standards.

    Designed elements (marketing collateral, brochures, banners)

    1. Designed elements (marketing collateral, brochures, banners, etc.) receive up to three (3) versions only. Those requesting design revision services must provide complete copy and revisions on Word documents with a copy of the previous collateral piece and identification of where changes must be inserted on the collateral piece.
    2. If the individual requesting design services is unable to make final decision on the design, the project will be automatically deferred until later in the term.
    3. Always test the design/seek input from your audience prior to submitting copy and changes. When a design is available, test it with your audience before final approval.
    4. All individuals submitting requests must complete a final approval form and sign prior to MarCom releasing the final product for use.

    Email Communications to Alumni

    So, you want to send an email to a group of alumni. It's a little more complicated than you may think. Please take the time to get familiar with this information so you can be successful.

    When filling out your mass email communication request below, include

    • A query name or report file for a static query obtained from Advancement Systems
    • An email subject line
    • Complete information in a type-written text format that can be cut and pasted. If it's for an event, be sure to include date and time, RSVP information, speakers etc. Remember, too much information is sometimes worse than not enough!


    A static query from Raiser's Edge is required and must be requested from Advancement Systems, with 3-5 business days advance notice.

    • The NXT email system will not accept excel, csv, or text lists.
    • Email addresses cannot be manually added to the query.
    • If a name or email address is not included in the query, that person will not receive the email.

    Attachments/Images as text

    Sending attachments in emails is a poor practice that often causes emails to be sent directly to the Junk Email folder. On occasion this practice will lead to all Detroit Mercy emails to blacklisted by Gmail, Yahoo and other email clients--meaning they are deleted before they even hit our alumni inboxes. Because of this, MarCom will not attach PDFs or informational .jpg images to the email. Decorative images, however, are encouraged.


    A review email will be sent to you along with an approval form for you to either sign and give final approval or request changes. A MarCom editor has final say on grammar and style changes. Getting familiar with University style will speed up the Marcom approval process.

    If other people need a review/proof email ahead of time, supply their email address and we will send them a review as well. Do not sign off on the approval form until you have received approval from everyone in your department who needs to give approval. It's always more people than you may think.

    Once you have approved the email, it will be scheduled for the date you selected. If another email has already been scheduled for your target audience for the same date, your email send date will likely be changed and you will be notified.

    Once the email is sent, it's sent.

    Keep your proof email handy; the NXT system does not allow MarCom to send you a copy of the email after it has been sent.

    It is important to note again that anyone not on the query itself will not receive the actual email. If you or someone else needs a copy of the final email, it must be sent prior to being scheduled.

    Once sent, there is no recalling, correcting or changing the email.

    If you discover after it has been sent that there is an error don't panic. Most people think they need to send out an apology or correction right away. Depending on the error, that may not be the case. You may want to wait, or not do anything at all. Sending too many emails at once, even to correct a mistake, can increase our unsubscribe rate. Consider what the error is before making a decision.

    MarCom can send you open and click rates upon request. Wait at least a week after the email is sent to request. Contact whoever in MarCom set up your email.

    Plan ahead

    Please plan ahead. You'll need 3-5 business days to receive the query from Advancement Systems.

    And although you may receive a faster response, MarCom requires 3-5 business days to build, review and send review/proof emails. Due to understaffing and the high volume of requests, it may take longer than 5 days. It's not personal, we are doing the best we can.

    Finally, give yourself time to review and have others review your email.