Request Pass / Fail Due to COVID-19 Winter Semester 2020

Dear Detroit Mercy Undergraduate or Graduate Student:

To provide the most supportive academic environment possible during this unusual time, the University is extending the deadlines to withdraw from a full-semester course or to take an undergraduate full-semester course on a Pass/Fail basis. Both deadlines are now April 17.  This decision was made in the best interest of our students, based on feedback from students and faculty about how to support students in making an informed decision based on their academic status. In addition to Core Curriculum classes, classes in academic minors, and elective classes, classes in some majors will now be eligible to be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Please check with your advisor.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at Detroit Mercy may request to take any of their courses ending in April 2020 pass/fail this semester, a choice that can be requested up to April 17. 

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their options with their Academic Advisor prior to contacting the course instructor.

Courses that are eligible to be taken Pass/Fail:

  • Core Curriculum classes,
  • Classes in academic minors,
  • Elective classes,
  • Classes in some majors will now be eligible to be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Please check with your advisor.

Students who are eligible to convert courses to Pass/Fail status:

  •  Undergraduate students only

Factors to Consider:

  • A Pass/Fail grade provides a student with academic credit with the grade of Pass but is not calculated in the term or cumulative GPA.
  • Courses that require a “C” or higher for progression onto the next course will not qualify for a Pass/Fail grade.
  • Be aware that graduate/professional schools such as medical, dental, law, and doctoral programs typically do not accept Pass/Fail for required undergraduate courses.
  • High School dual-enrollment students may not be allowed to transfer credit unless they enroll as a student at Detroit Mercy.
  • If a student chooses to transfer institutions a course taken on a Pass/Fail basis will likely be ineligible to transfer.

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid Office is here to help and understands the challenges during these difficult times. Please see our special announcement in regard to Satisfactory Academic Progress and COVID-19 at

Process for Requesting a Pass/Fail Grade:

The following process is required to submit a request for a Pass/Fail grade for courses taken this semester. The previously distributed Pass/Fail form is not required for Winter 2020 and should not be used.

The student will:

  • Contact their advisor to determine if a course is eligible and if taking the course as P/F is the best choice given their individual circumstances.
  • Schedule an appointment with the course instructor via telephone, email, or Blackboard and discuss whether taking the course on a Pass/Fail basis is advisable.

The instructor will:

  • Send an email from their Detroit Mercy email to both the student’s Detroit Mercy email and to the Assistant or Associate Dean of the college in which the student is enrolled (not the college that is offering the course).
  • The email should contain the name and course/section number of the course and the following statement:

    I approve / (or if applicable) I do not approve STUDENT NAME taking COURSE NAME and NUMBER on a Pass/Fail basis for the Winter 2020 semester.

The Assistant/Associate Dean will:

  • Review the request to confirm the student and course qualify for a pass/fail grade.
  • Forward the appropriate information/paperwork to the University Registrar’s office.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

For all undergraduate and graduate students, the withdrawal date for courses will be extended to April 17. Withdrawals will, as usual, require approval by your advisor and school or college.


Faculty are encouraged to:

  • offer synchronous courses at the scheduled time; changing course times may conflict with other scheduled courses in which the student is currently enrolled;
  • provide options to students to contact faculty, e.g., email, office telephone number etc. and identify office hours using Blackboard Collaborate or other methods
  • grant absences and work with students to get course content if a student missed a session due to the virtual learning environment;
  • maximize flexibility for students to participate in learning activities, recognizing connectivity issues, time zone differences and other challenges;
  • seek feedback from students on how best to serve their needs in the new environment; and

Thank you for your efforts to focus on your academic success. Please continue to visit the University’s COVID-19 website for updates and important information.