Orientation for Transfer Students

Welcome to UDM!

Welcome to your Virtual Transfer Student Orientation!

We're delighted you've chosen to transfer to UDM. In doing so, you show that you're serious about getting the best from your higher education.

Please use the links to the left to acquaint yourself with key information about becoming a UDM student. The information on this site is to help make your time at UDM the best it can be. These links include information regarding:

  • How to obtain a parking permit and student ID
  • Visiting the UDM campus by virtual tour
  • Discover the resources that are available to help you become a successful UDM student.

If you haven't yet received your TitanConnect log-in to access your financial aid award, please contact your Admissions counselor as soon as possible by calling 800-635-5020.

Your first step as a new student is to contact your academic program advisor to get registered for classes!

Always know that the faculty, staff and administrators at UDM hold your success as our highest goal. Please contact us whenever you have a question, concern or comment.

Best of luck! We want great things for you!