• Assure your boundless future tuition reset

    Assure Your Boundless Future Tuition Reset

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University lowers published tuition price to $28,000

Unraveling the Mystery of Published Tuition Costs

For many students and families, affording the cost of a private university with a tradition of academic excellence and community leadership like University of Detroit Mercy has become more challenging each year. High tuition prices published on university websites and information about how scholarships and financial aid reduce that cost often leave families unclear about the actual price they will pay. The result? Many highly accomplished, well-qualified students see the published tuition cost of an institution and decide not to look at the University any further or even apply.

Defining Tuition

A university's published tuition — often referred to as the sticker price — is based on the number of credit hours a student takes in a degree program. It does not include room and board or books. Through the Assure Your Boundless Future: Tuition Reset, Detroit Mercy has reduced the published tuition cost from $41,158 to $28,000. 

Beginning Fall 2018, Detroit Mercy now offers the transformative experience of a Catholic, Jesuit and Mercy education at the lower full-time undergraduate tuition rate. This is a more precise cost that families will pay before scholarships and financial aid are awarded. As a result, Detroit Mercy is in an even stronger position to attract more academically talented students and their families who were previously deterred by the high tuition cost and never seriously considered the University as a possibility.

Our published undergraduate tuition cost of $41,158 will become $28,000 in Fall 2018. Our actual price is an amazing value.


Money Down


Students will pay less in the long run because average annual tuition increases of 3-4 percent will be calculated using a lower base tuition rate.



A lower published tuition rate provides prospective students with a clearer understanding of their actual cost of attendance so that they can make well-informed decisions.



Detroit Mercy’s actual price is an amazing value. Our highly-ranked programs, in-depth research opportunities and meaningful internships prepare graduates for top careers throughout Detroit and beyond.

The Right Time

Over the past few years, Detroit Mercy has generated enormous momentum as a result of several positive developments that have garnered local, state and national recognition for our in-demand academic programs. The Assure Your Boundless Future Tuition Reset is part of an ongoing, comprehensive series of initiatives that demonstrate our renewed commitment to innovation along with Detroit's resurgence – there has never been a better time for Detroit Mercy to implement this tuition reset.

Some of the recent accomplishments include:

  • An overall enrollment increase for fall 2018 and four years of new student enrollment increases.
  • Increases in retention.
  • Consistently high national rankings.
  • An endowment that has doubled since 2011.
  • Several federal and private grants to support first generation students and academic success, STEM programs and local secondary students.
  • Significant commitment and increased activity in neighborhood enhancement efforts through The Live6 Alliance and service-learning projects.
  • A comprehensive $100 million campaign that has achieved its goal more than a year ahead of schedule, a significant proportion of which will support endowed scholarships for students.
  • New and renovated facilities that accommodate more enrollment growth.
  • Adjustments to graduate program tuition rates that respond to a growing need for more technically-skilled, business-minded and community-focused professionals in Detroit.

No longer will our inflated sticker price overshadow our actual price. Our actual price is an amazing value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antoine Garibaldi, president of University of Detroit Mercy
“For decades, Detroit Mercy has provided a high quality, values-based education and produced renowned business and community leaders. Our commitment to service, social justice and this city best describes our mission and sets us apart from many of the country’s 4,400 colleges and universities. Now, we want to inspire even more high-achieving students to enroll and help them become successful in making a lasting impact in their careers and in their communities.”