Data Sharing Consent

ReBUILD Detroit Data Elements

The ReBUILD Detroit Program at Detroit Mercy is part of the Diversity Program Consortium, a national effort funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to improve the educational and career success of students and faculty.  The Enhance Diversity Study will help us identify the best programs and strategies to support and encourage success for the next generation and you have been selected to be a part of this study. 

This study is funded by the NIH and the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  UCLA serves as the coordinating center of this national effort and is in charge of collecting information about the experiences and career choices of a variety of students. The information you agree to provide will allow the investigators at UCLA and Detroit Mercy University to understand how well students are prepared for and succeeding in their careers. It is important to compare students at your school to those at other institutions.

Study participants give permission for Detroit Mercy to share the following information with the UCLA team as well as the local evaluators, SPEC Associates.


  • Demographics: 
    • Campus ID 
    • Name 
    • Gender 
    • Race/Ethnicity 
    • First Generation Status
    • Institutional E-mail Address
    • Permanent address 
    • Campus or Current Address
    • Home and Cell Phone Numbers
    • SAT and/or ACT scores 
    • High School GPA 
    • High School Name and ZIP code
  • Academic Study Information (provided for every term enrolled at Detroit Mercy): 
    • Enrollment Status 
    • Programs(s), Major(s) and/or Concentration(s) 
    • Attempted Credits 
    • Completed Credits 
    • Class Standing 
    • Term and Cumulative GPA 
    • Degree(s) Earned with date and Major(s), Minor(s) and Concentration(s) 
    • Course Information (course subject/number/title/CRN, credits, grade, and term enrolled) 
    • Transfer Student Status
      • If Transfer, Previous Institution


  • Demographic: 
    • Faculty ID 
    • Name 
    • E-mail Address
    • Gender 
    • Race/Ethnicity 
    • Academic Rank 
    • Department Affiliation 
    • Hire Date 
    • Appointment Type (full-time or part-time) 
    • Appointment Basis (9/10 months, 11/12 months, other) 
    • Administrative Position 
    • Last Sabbatical Date 
  • Teaching History (starting with academic year 2013-2014): 
    • Course ID and CRN 
    • Course Term  
    • Course Title 
    • Type of Course 
    • Total Enrollment 
  • External Funding History (starting with academic year 2013-2014):
    • Funding Proposal Term 
    • Funded Grant Title 
    • Name of Funding Organization 
    • Award Dates 
    • Amount of Award (total directs) 

Updated 01.16.2020