March 24, 2017

Student Life staff1. The Student Life Office is the only place to go on campus to get your flyer stamped.
Do you have an event or group you want to promote on campus? Make sure to stop by the Student Life Office to get it stamped and authorized to display on campus.

2. The SL Office is the place to go pitch an idea to create a student organization.
Ideas for new student groups are welcome at the Student Life Office. If you’re interested in any topic, the SL Office can help you create a new student org or help you find an existing org that is right for you.

3. This is the place to go to get your I.D. Card.
Do you need an I.D. card to access the Fitness Center or use for your meal plan? Maybe you want a student I.D. to take advantage of places like the movies or restaurants that offer a student discount? Visit the SL Office, and you will walk away with an I.D. card in minutes.

4. No worries about a parking ticket if you visit the office!
Nobody likes to get a parking ticket, but if you get one, be sure to visit the SL Office. The staff can help you solve parking ticket issues.

5. Forget Kinkos, you can get a poster printed cheaper at the SL Office.
Do you have an event, group or message you want to promote with a poster? Or maybe you need a poster for a class project? The SL Office can print your poster for a reasonable price.