November 06, 2017

Detroit Mercy’s University Advancement Division announces a new giving competition titled Clash of the Titans to help support Detroit Mercy NCAA Division I athletic teams.  This special fundraiser runs from Nov. 7 to Dec. 5, 2017.

The goals of this effort are to increase financial support for teams from alumni and friends, and create a friendly competition to determine which Detroit Mercy Division I team can raise the most funds to support specific program needs.  

Clash of the Titans utilizes the institution’s Crowdfunding platform through the Office of Annual Giving, explained Ann Fisher, executive director of the office.

“We wanted to find a way to help our teams fulfill some important needs. In our first year using our own Crowdfunding platform, we raised almost $40,000 for programs, services and other mission-based efforts. It’s been extremely helpful in raising much-needed funding for programs that would have otherwise gone unfunded,” she explained. “Because we have Division I athletic teams that have to travel around the country to compete, we wanted to see how the university could create additional means of support, and this seemed like the perfect fit. As a result, we created ‘Clash of the Titans’ as a friendly competition among our teams to get student-athletes and coaches directly involved in encouraging supporters to make contributions to support critical team needs,” she added.

Detroit Mercy Titan teams will compete against one another. The team that raises the most funding support according to specific guidelines will receive an additional $5,000 contribution from the university.

Through Crowdfunding, Detroit Mercy can effectively raise important support for programs, services and research activities through targeted efforts to ensure growth and sustainability. The university is pleased to accept donations of any amount to support a multitude of diverse projects.

The Clash of the Titans Crowdfunding website is available online. #ClashoftheTitans

Currently, 13 Detroit Mercy teams have listed the following goals for their fundraising efforts. 

  • Cheer Team: Support for new uniforms, which includes two tops and one bottom for each team member.
  • Softball: Donations will support travel expenses associated with tournament play.
  • Track and Field: Donations will help the team secure uniforms, shoes, team gear and fund travel expenses associated with seasonal competition.
  • Men’s and Women’s Tennis: Donations will support the purchase of needed equipment for practice and competition, as well as costs associated with travel outside the Midwest for conference play.
  • Women’s Basketball: Contributions will support updates for the locker room and coach’s office.
  • Men’s Basketball: Support for Men’s Basketball will provide funds for the Titans to go overseas and play a team in another country. 
  • Women’s Soccer: Funds will support a new ceiling and ventilation system in the locker room, stadium lights for the turf field and dugouts for team bench areas.
  • Men’s Soccer: The team needs funding for training equipment, gear, team training and travel expenses.
  • Women’s Lacrosse: Gifts will support locker room updates and travel to and from tournaments.
  • Men’s Lacrosse:  Contributions will support the purchase of sideline jackets and help with purchasing a machine to kill locker room germs.
  • Women’s Golf: Funds will support improvements to the practice area at Calihan Hall, installation of a “Flight Scope” to assist players with swings and a “Sam Putting Lab” to help with putting skills.
  • Men’s Golf: Donor support will help the team to travel and compete in events down south during the winter months and provide increased practice time.
  • Fencing: Support for the team will help with new uniforms.

Please consider making a contribution to any and all teams.

For more information, please visit the Clash of the Titans website or call the Detroit Mercy Office of Annual Giving at 313-993-1582. For more information on Detroit Mercy Athletics, please visit