September 29, 2017
Homecoming Logo and Fisher Fountain

Tomorrow, Sept. 30, Detroit Mercy’s campuses will be filled with family, faculty, students and alumni alike for Homecoming 2017. Featured this year at the heart of the McNichols Campus will be the Homecoming Expo, located around the Fisher Fountain area. As you enjoy the Scavenger Hunt, food trucks, and kid’s zones, be sure to tune in throughout the day to the many TED-talk-style presentations hosted on the main stage:

Fencing Demonstration and Basketball Talk

Coach Todd Dressell and Coach Bacari Alexander, Athletics Department

Coach Todd Dressell will go over different techniques, skills and general questions regarding the sport of fencing.  Fencing is the only sport at Detroit Mercy that holds a National Championship (1972). Coach Alexander will be giving a quick previous of this upcoming season along with telling stories from his playing days at Detroit Mercy as we look forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1997 team that made it to the NCAA second round.

Learning How to Learn

Matthew Mio, PhD, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

We live at a point in human history where more is known about the act of learning than ever before.  Lessons from neurobiology, psychology, and biochemistry have helped humans understand their brains and how we generate knowledge. What do these lessons tell us about the act of learning and modern education? And what can we do to train our brains to keep a learning mindset?

Campus Kitchen: Student Leadership and Food Justice in Northwest Detroit

Campus Kitchen Student Leaders

Campus Kitchen student leaders will give a short talk about their personal experiences working with Campus Kitchen, relating their work more broadly to the intersectional food justice movement in Detroit. This talk will focus on various issues such as food recovery/food waste, community gardens/urban agriculture, on-campus food insecurity and community meals.

Get out of Your Mind....and Into Your Life!

Julie Hamilton, ACSW, CAADC, Health and Wellness, School of Dentistry

Ever have your mind wake you up at 3 am to tell you a story about how you're going to do on that exam two days from now? Trying to study for that exam, but your mind keeps day dreaming or worrying?

Join us for a brief talk and demonstration on how mindfulness can help you build a more workable relationship with that worrying, stressed out mind, while freeing you up to focus on what is important to you!

How to be a Good Neighbor

Lauren Hood, Acting Coordinator of the Live6 Alliance

Ms. Hood will talk about building relationships between students, faculty, staff and the community during this time of rapid neighborhood change. She will talk about the engagement platforms her organization creates and how students, in particular, can become more involved with the work Live6 does moving forward.

Happy Homecoming Detroit Mercy! #titanshomecoming