June 21, 2017
Group from Guatemala Trip

Guatemala selfieOn Aug. 5, a group of 16 dental students, two dentists and one hygienist from University of Detroit Mercy’s School of Dentistry and Clinic will embark on a mission trip to Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) chapter looks to provide dental care to more than 300 adults and children.

The group will travel abroad to provide dental care to those who do not have access to some of the basic amenities many take for granted. Many are in pain and their lack of dental hygiene hinders their ability to eat and sleep properly.

“Our team will provide oral healthcare education, cleanings, fluoride treatments and extractions,” said Adit Patel, Mission Trip chair.  “We will also teach proper oral hygiene so they can use that newly acquired information to teach others in their community, thus empowering themselves and each other.”

Guatemala work with childrenWhile the faculty, students and volunteers must fund this trip and provide the supplies necessary for the treatments, the group seeks donations to help. Patients will also receive toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. The Detroit Mercy ASDA Chapter has set up a fundraising page online for those who wish to support their efforts. For more information about the trip, contact Adit Patel at