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Nutrena Tate

Great things for you at UDM

We want for you, as a student, to push yourself more than you have ever pushed, to dig deep within yourself when it comes to learning how to learn and knowing how to apply that — not only as a student, not only as a nurse, but as a productive member of society as your life goes on.

I will be available to you
If you have a problem or questions or concerns, I am always available throughout my office hours and via e-mail. I also have cell phone appointments, and have even met students at coffee shops to discuss issues or problems. Or, if you just want to get advice on how your courses are going or how to be successful within the Nursing program, I am always here for you.
My favorite part about teaching you
My favorite part about teaching students like you is seeing when you really understand something, or you've been able to connect the dots from what I am telling you in lecture and what you've read in the book to how you can apply that to practice as a nurse.
Why UDM?
You should come to UDM if you want to study and learn about yourself and be educated within an urban context. If you want to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and as a person in whole, you should come to UDM.
You might like to know
You might like to know that although I'm very professional and very task-oriented, I am a reality show junkie. I love to watch anything that is on TV about reality issues, to the point where I make sure that my DVR is ready when they come on.