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Facilities Planning, Standards, and Safety Team

Team Membership

Ten-member team: four administrative or staff representatives; one law school representative; one dental school representative; one faculty member selected by the MFA from among its members; one elected representative of the McNichols faculty; and two students.

Reports to Vice President for Business and Finance.



    2 faculty representatives

    Kara Hanenburg, Nursing, McAuley School of Nursing, College of Health Professions (term expires 3/2018)
    Greg Grabowski, Biology, College of Engineering & Science (term expires 3/2017) (MFA)

    4 administrative or staff representatives

    Jeffrey Nardecchia, Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar (term expires 3/2017)
    Letitia Y. Williams, Director of Public Safety (term expires 3/2017)

    Will Wittig, Dean, School of Architecture (term expires 3/2017)

    Alysa Jackson, Director, University Services, Facility Operations (term expires 8/2017)

    1 Dental School representative

    Tom Sklut, Director of Development (term expires 8/2017) 

    1 Law School representative

    Jeff Johnson, Director of Student Services (term expires 3/2017)

    2 student representatives




    2016-2017 Charges

    • Provide ideas for improving campus aesthetics, space efficiencies, safety and accessibility for mobile impaired individuals.
    • Provide suggestions for enhancing the university's emergency response plan.
    • Solicit formal input from units related to individual safety priorities and concerns.
    • Review and provide updates regarding the membership and current status of the University Safety Team/Committee/Sub-Committee
    • Establish procedures for consultation with relevant administrators to insure mutual sharing of relevant information, data, and concerns.
    • Draft operational policies and procedures:
      • define the Committee's organizational structure (officers/leadership e.g., chairperson, secretary, and/or other positions) and the responsibilities of each position;
      • frequency of meetings;
      • timeline for preparation and approval of meeting minutes.
    • Keep the University community informed of team activities by providing summary minutes of meetings and reports for posting to the shared governance website. The secretary to the committee is responsible for sending these documents to sharedgovernance(at)
    • Verify whether team’s operational policy and procedures are consistent with practice. Submit your revised document to the Shared Governance Task Force through the chairperson by December 1. If there are no changes to be made notify the SGTF chairperson by the same date. 

    Operational Policies and Procedures

    I. REPORTING LINE: Team reports to the Vice President for Business and Finance

    A. When formal recommendations are made to the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Vice President will inform the team of his/her decision or reaction to the proposal within 60 days.  If the Vice President decides to take a course of action different from that recommended by the team, the Vice President will make him/herself available to explain to the team the reason for the contrary action.
    B. Reports to the AVP/Provost regarding academic implications of facilities planning, standards, and safety.

    II. Membership

    A. Four administrative or staff representatives
    B. One representative from the School of Dentistry
    C. One representative from the School of Law
    D. Two representative from the Students
    E. One at-large representatives from the McNichols faculty
    F. One representative from the McNichols Faculty Assembly

    III. Organization

    A. Chairperson – elected for a term of one year

    1. Calls meetings for the Team.
    2. Presides over meetings for the Team.
    3. Provides notification of a meeting at least ten days prior to the meeting.
    4. Generates meeting agendas for e-mail distribution at least five days before the scheduled meeting.
    5. Provides to the team issues identified by the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP.
    6. Provide recommendations and other actions according to timelines established by the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP.

    B. Secretary – elected for a term of one year

    1. Takes extended minutes of Team meetings.
    2. Abbreviate meeting minutes to one page for the University archives within one week of meeting.
    3. Posts summary minutes and other documents online within one week of meeting (shared governance website).
    4. Reports Team activities to Campus Connections (Detroit Mercy’s online newsletter) as appropriate.
    5. Maintains roster of Team membership.

    IV. Meetings

    A. Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. beginning January 26,2006. Additional meetings may be scheduled if the team deems necessary.  Meeting locations will be announced at a later date.
    B. A simple majority quorum of six people must be present for a meeting or vote to take place.
    C. Meetings will operate under the principles of consensus unless a vote is needed.
    D. Meetings will last not more than an hour and a half unless agreed to by a majority prior to the meeting date.


    A. Establish, in consultation with the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP, goals for the academic year.
    B. Team will assume duties of Existing Emergency Response Planning Committee.
    1. Setting emergency organizational strategies.
    2. Assessing emergency management practices.
    C. Team will assume duties of Existing Facilities Planning and Standards Committee.
    1. The team will work to develop Facility and Construction Standards.
    2. Review, evaluate and make recommendations on construction, remodeling and renovation requisitions.
    D. Handicap Accessibility Issues.
    E. Campus Aesthetics Issues.
    F. Campus Safety Issues.
    G. General implication of potential facility projects.
    H. At the end of each academic year, the Team will evaluate its progress toward achievement of established goals in an annual report to the Vice President for Business and Finance and/or AVP.
    I. Additional duties related to Planning, Standards and Safety could be assigned to the team by the Vice President of Business and Finance and or AVP as other University issues arise.

    Revised and Approved
    Shared Governance Task Force
    May 2006

    Team Archive

    Organizational Structure and Tasks

    • Determine Team's organizational structure (officers/leadership e.g., chairperson, secretary, and/or other positions).
    • Draft operational policies and procedures (e.g., frequency of meetings, who calls meetings), notification time for meetings (e.g., 10 days), time period for distribution of agenda (e.g., five days), timeline for preparation and approval of meeting minutes.
    • Team will assume the responsibilities of the existing Emergency Response Planning Committee and will work to integrate its activities with the existing Facilities Planning and Standards Committee.
    • Establish procedures for keeping records of approved resolutions, advice, membership records and other actions.
    • Draft general assessment process and goals for first year (to be updated annually).
    • Include clear time limits for action on various issues as per paragraph 4 under "Further Details" of Shared Governance Task Force proposal approved by the university community.
    • Deliberate and act on priority issues identified by the Vice President for Business and Finance.
    • Provide Shared Governance Task Force with draft operational policies and procedures by December 1, 2005.
    • Make recommendations regarding ways to prioritize among needed renovation/repairs as well as new projects.
    • Provide ideas for improving:
      • campus aesthetics
      • campus safety
      • OSHA compliance
    • Invest capital resources in classrooms, labs and studios where appropriate to ensure effective learning and customer satisfaction (2.2.1).
    • Identify specific cost savings recommendations related to facilities usage.
    • Recommend standards for office space (size and amenities) and suggestions for multi-purposing, downsizing, and other modifications. (For example: sharing space for part-time or modified full-time positions, multi-purpose office suites, etc.)
    • Develop university-wide policy for smoking guidelines/distance from buildings on the McNichols Campus in compliance with the City of Detroit code guidelines and include recommendations about signage on buildings. See School of Law as a model.
    • Investigate and make recommendation on whether each building should house a defibulator and/or epi-pen
    • Review the most recent Detroit Mercy McNichols Campus deferred maintenance and capital improvement list (to be provided by the Facilities Department) in order to provide input and recommendations regarding the status of projects including recommending priorities from a user perspective.  Include discussions with de facto building managers (for example, dean’s for buildings dedicated to specific academic units) to get more detailed information on current needs and priorities
    • Conduct a survey of all McNichols Campus building entries for adequacy of lighting and signage, compliance with ADA requirements for accessibility, and building code requirements.  Provide a summary of locations and issues that need to be addressed to improve safety
    • Recommend standards for office space (size and amenities) and suggestions for multipurposing, downsizing, or other modifications. (For example: sharing space for part-time or modified full-time positions, multi-purpose office suites, etc.
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