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Career Fair.

General FAQ


    Where are you located?

    We are located on the first floor of Reno Hall. Reno Hall is on the southwest (Livernois/Puritan) side of campus near the residence halls.

    Mailing address:
    Career Education Center
    University of Detroit Mercy
    4001 W. McNichols Road
    143 Reno Hall
    Detroit, Michigan 48221


    What are your hours?

    Offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Summer hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Evening hours are at the discretion of the Career Advisor/Co-op Coordinator.

    What services do you offer at the Career Education Center?

    Services include individual career advising or coaching, drop-in appointments, seminars, on-campus recruiting, internships, job listings, career fairs and resume critiques.

    Do you offer computers for student use?

    Detroit Mercy students and alumni may use the computer in the CEC reception area during regular business hours. In order to use one of the computers, you must sign-in at the CEC reception desk, providing your name, major and student ID. Computer usage is for job search access only with a two-hour limit.

    How do I find a job on campus?

    Work-study positions are posted by the Office of Financial Aid on the TitanCareerLink web site  Opportunities are also posted outside the Financial Aid Office, located in the Fisher Administration Center on the McNichols Campus.

    If I am relocating to another part of the country, can Career Education Center still help?

    Yes! We can arrange reciprocal services at other Jesuit colleges/universities around the country. Include your name, college, major(s), month and date of graduation, your current mailing address, and up to three schools where you would like reciprocity. Letters will be prepared on your behalf and copies sent to you.

    NOTE: Some schools may charge a fee for services.

Career Coaching and Resume Critiques


    How can I meet with a Career Advisor/Co-op Coordinator?

    You can schedule an appointment with a career advisor from your TitanCareerLink account by clicking "Schedule an Appointment" link on your home page. Career Advisor/Co-op Coordinators will post their availability on the TitanCareerLink system. Once you select a date and time, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the Career Advisor. For times or dates that are not listed, please contact your advisor directly. See the staff directory for contact information. During busy times, there could be a wait for an appointment, so please plan accordingly.

    When can I have my resume and/or cover letter critiqued?

    Most resumes are reviewed online for overall accuracy (no obvious typos, inappropriate or inaccurate statements) by submitting a resume to TitanCareerLink. You can meet with an advisor to review your resume or cover letter in greater detail, or attend a drop-in resume review session held during the fall and winter semesters. Sessions last about 15-20 minutes and are scheduled through TitanCareerLink.

    I am a senior and I haven't done much about planning my future career. How do I decide what I want to do and how to get there?

    The CEC staff is attuned to the stresses that seniors experience as they complete their degree requirements and seek employment or admission to graduate school. Schedule an appointment with your career advisor to develop a detailed job search plan or for advice on job search strategies. The CEC also offers workshops on a variety of topics — keep checking the event calendars to sign up. For information on typical employers, and strategies to maximize your career opportunities, visit “What Can I do With this Major…” or Graduate School Guide located on the TitanCareerLink website under the Resources link.

    I am a sophomore and I need to declare a major, how can I figure out what to major in and how it relates to a future career?

    It is common for first-year students and sophomores to be unsure about their choice of majors and future career plans. Contact the CEC office and schedule a one-on-one appointment with a career advisor. The career advisor can explore with you a variety of career options that suit your interests, skills and personality. If you prefer a self-directed approach, you will find information on TitanCareerLink by clicking on the Resources link. For your convenience, the Career Education Center provides Virtual Workshops and other resources to assist Detroit Mercy students.

    I want to major in history, but my parents want me to major in business. They're concerned about future job opportunities with a liberal arts degree. What should I do?

    Bear in mind that academic choices and career choices are not the same. If you're a history major, that doesn't mean that you must become a historian or history teacher. Many employers that recruit at University of Detroit Mercy are more concerned with skills than one's major. They are looking for strong communication, writing, analytical and organizational skills. Your liberal arts degree can help you to develop those skills. Visit “What Can I do With this Major…” for each major that interests you. Choose either the PDF or HTML version to find an outline of common career areas, typical employers and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

    Does the Career Education Center offer any skill or interest assessments?

    The CEC offers TypeFocus Careers to assist Detroit Mercy students during the self-awareness process. Students who use TypeFocus are encouraged to make an appointment with a career advisor for assistance in using the reports generated. 

    Do I need to wear a suit for a practice (mock) interview?

    We recommend that you come for your practice interview dressed professionally. It helps to better simulate an actual interview.

Co-op/Paid Internships


    How do I find a co-op/internship?

    Visit the Career Education Center website at and log in to TitanCareerLink. After successfully logging in, click on Job Search from the top navigation menu and then select Experiential Education. You will find current postings from employers seeking candidates for these unique educational employment opportunities. You must meet with a career advisor to discuss your co-op/internship needs or to answer any questions you may have about the internship/co-op process at University of Detroit Mercy.

    Do you have any internship listings in my field?

    Each year the Career Education Center receives hundreds of internship listings for most majors in over 30 job categories. If you are a Liberal Arts major, it is important to be flexible in your internship search and consider a variety of opportunities both related and unrelated to your major.

    I am an F-1 international student looking for an co-op/paid Internship. How can I identify companies that will hire me?

    First, you need to visit the International Student Office (ISO) on campus if you have not already done so. The ISO staff will explain the types of positions for which you can apply. Clarifying this information will help you market your employment status to employers. The Career Education Center can assist you in preparing for a job search.

    Second, whether or not employers can hire students with F-1 visas will vary depending on the employer and their specific hiring policy. Many employers who hire co-op/paid internship employees do so because they are looking to identify potential full-time hires, and they cannot hire an F-1 visa candidate for full-time employment, based on their hiring guidelines.

    International students should schedule an appointment with a co-op coordinator during their first semester of study to discuss their situation in more detail. This will give them an opportunity to identify additional resources or avenues to pursue an internship search aside from the on-campus recruiting program and online listings for which they may not meet the requirements. Finally, international students may want to consider looking for an internship abroad, in their home country.

TitanCareerLink/Job Listings


    How do I access full-time jobs listings?

    Visit the Career Education Center website at and log in to TitanCareerLink. After successfully logging in, click on Job Search from the navigation bar at the top of the screen to see postings for co-op/paid internship, summer employment or entry-level positions. Many different job search options and services are available for review. You might want to meet with the career advisor for your major to review your unique job search needs.

    How are "job postings" different from on-campus interviews?

    TitanCareerLink offers Detroit Mercy students and alumni access to entry-level and experienced career opportunities with employers in Metropolitan Detroit. Positions cover a broad range of opportunities, primarily in Michigan and adjacent states. Employers have specifically targeted these jobs to University of Detroit Mercy. Interested students apply directly to the employer and can be interviewed at the employer’s site. On-campus interviews are managed through TitanCareerLink, but unlike regular job listings, employers are on campus to recruit students for full-time jobs, co-ops or paid internships.

    Are all of these positions paid?

    The majority of the positions listed on TitanCareerLink are paid. However, some unpaid internship listings are posted. This information is usually included in the job description.



    What is the TitanCareerLink system?

    TitanCareerLink is the University of Detroit Mercy’s online recruiting system. Each year employers post positions they are seeking to fill. Employers interested in interviewing Detroit Mercy students use this system to conduct interviews for full-time jobs and co-op positions directly on-campus at the Career Education Center. This system also supports several key employment services for Detroit Mercy students and alumni. They can sign up for on-campus recruiting (current students only), resume critiques, workshops and information sessions; view and apply for employment opportunities (current students and alumni); and find available information and resources for career planning and job searching.

    How do I update my user profile and resume?

    You should review your profile and resume on a regular basis (2-3 times per year) to make sure the information is up-to-date and accurate. Simply go to TitanCareerLink at, type in your username and password. Once you have accessed your account, click on My Account from the top navigation menu, select My Profile, and make any changes or updates to your personal information. During the first three weeks of each term (Fall, Winter and Summer), students/alumni with accounts on the TitanCareerLink system have the opportunity to update their academic profile. Students with active accounts will receive an email requesting them to update their profile.

    How many resumes can I have on the system?

    You can have up to three (3) resume versions on the system, but you should need no more than one or two versions, depending on your career objectives. At the minimum, you should have at least one version of your resume on the system:

    1. The first should be uploaded from a disk or your home computer. This document must be created in Microsoft Word or other software and then saved in Rich Text Format (RTF). This resume will be used as the default resume and is the one that a CEC Co-op Coordinator/Career Advisor will send to employers through the TitanCareerLink system.
    2. A second resume can be another more specific one that you will use to send to employers when you see a posting that is not necessarily in your major, but that you feel that you are also qualified for. This resume may highlight certain skills that you have gained through volunteer or extra curricular activities. 

    How do I find out which employers are coming to campus to recruit?

    From your TitanCareerLink account, click on "Campus Interviews I Qualify For" to view the on-campus recruiting schedules and submit your resume. Be sure to note the resume submission deadlines, which are typically four weeks prior to the interview date.

    How do I check which employers I have submitted my resume to?

    From your TitanCareerLink account, click on My Account, then on My Activity history. On this screen you will see a history of the postings you and/or your co-op coordinator/career advisor have submitted your resume to, and a list of CEC sponsored events you have registered for. You can also see if you were pre-selected for an interview and sign up.

    What if I forget my password?

    From the TitanCareerLink sign-on screen, you can click on "Forgot Password."

    What if I have two records on the system?

    It is only necessary to have one record on the system. If you have multiple records, it can complicate and hinder resume submissions and the on-campus interview process. If you have two records on the system, contact the Career Education Center and a CEC staff member can assist you by removing one of the records for you.

    When are the event listings, including cancellations, updated? Do I need to keep checking?

    Event listings are updated daily, so it is important that you keep checking TitanCareerLink on a regular basis. The students who have the greatest success on TitanCareerLink are using the system daily.

    When do recruiting events begin?

    Typically, recruiting events first appear on TitanCareerLink in late September/early October for spring hiring. Many of the large corporations begin their recruitment period in the fall, especially for highly coveted engineering and business co-op/paid internships.

    What is meant by "Does Not Meet Requirements for this Event?"

    Each employer has its own set of selection criteria that are used when selecting candidates. The criteria may include GPA, academic major, citizenship requirements or graduation date. If the recruiting event has specific requirements, they will be listed beneath the Job Information.

    What is an employer information session? What if I can't attend? Should I contact the employer?

    Employer information sessions are typically held before the employer's on-campus interview. We strongly recommend that you attend these events because it is a great opportunity for you to learn about the employer. If you can't attend, it is not necessary to contact the employer unless they specifically require you to RSVP. Explain to the recruiter at your interview why you were unable to attend. Recommended attire at information sessions is business casual.

    How can I find out more about the job or the employer?

    Typically the best way to learn about an employer is to go right to the employer's website.

    How do I know if I have an interview?

    For each listing on TitanCareerLink, there is a sign-up period noted. If you have submitted your resume to an employer who is conducting a campus interview, you will receive an email inviting you to sign-up for an interview time.

    What is an alternate?

    Many employers choose two lists of candidates, a "pre-select" list and an "alternate" list. If the pre-select candidates do not fill up all of the interview time slots, the alternate candidates can take the available slots. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis and alternates are not guaranteed a time slot.

    What if I missed the sign-up period?

    If you have been selected for an interview but have missed the sign-up period, contact the Career Education Center immediately.


    How do I cancel an interview?

    If you are canceling an interview during the regular sign-up period, you can do it right on the TitanCareerLink system. When canceling after the sign-up period, you must contact a Career Development Facilitator before the interview to explain the situation.

    What if I missed the resume submission deadline? Can I contact the employer on my own?

    Contact a Career Development Facilitator.
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